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About The Book... 


Here is a practical guide to optimizing your work place.
This book presents ideas and methods to tweak your machinery
as well as yourself to produce your best work.

The chapters pertaining to glasswork illustrate techniques for success
to improve the bending skills of novices and seasoned professionals alike.
Customizing Equipment
Optimiziing Tube Processing
Construction Projects

Second Edition / First Printing 2007

ISBN 0-9716530-2-X
ISBN13 978-0-9716530-2-3

Table of Contents...


Bombarding Equipment
Pumping Methods
Pumping Problems
A Burning in Question
Tube Life
Diffusion Pumps
Multiple Bombarding.
Tube Processing Experiments
Clear Pink Tubes
Uncoated Ruby
Oven Pumping
Tipping Off Tips
Ship of Tools
A Fire Box
Eye Protection
Glass Work for Neon
Improving Tube Bending
Repair Techniques
Lampworking for Neon
Jig & Form Bending
Hot Rod Crossfires
Borosilicate Glass
Using Neon Colors New!
History of Neon Color New!
Making Neon with a Twist
Let’s Get Small
Your Mark on Neon
Transformer Loading
Servicing 2161 Transformers
Time for Fun & Profit Updated!
Chillin’ Out
Electronic Timers
Flying Solo
Home Sweet Home
Index Updated!
About The Authors...
Morgan Crook is a mechanical engineer, tube bender,
and president of Neon Design, a wholesale, retail and
consulting firm in Columbia, SC. His writing has appeared
in major trade periodicals over the past decade. In his professional
capacity, Morgan has visited over 500 neon shops.
Jacob Fishman is an electrical engineer, artist, and educator.
His studio, Lightwriters, fabricates neon for film
and theater, technical applications, and traditional neon signs.
The studio houses a workshop that teaches the art and
science of neon construction and Lightwriters bookstore.
What People are Saying... "Just got my copy of Jacob and Morgan's new book. The 2nd edition is much improved - lots of new material and a lot more technical and international information that the first. This might well have now surpasses Neon Techniques & Handling as the 'Bible', no kidding!

There is extensive information now on multiple-bombarding systems, oven pumping, Hotfil hot-cathode pumping, etc. There's a rather brilliant methode of making a gas-air mixer from plumbing pipe and using a glass cone for the jet. Lots of contributions from familiar names too."

John Anderson -- MEGAVOLT NEON Austin, TX

"The Neon Engineer's Notebook does the long overdue job of filling in the gaps left by the few existing books about making neon. The combined knowledge and instinct of two vastly experienced neon producers and their straight talking and humorous approach focuses you right in on the central methods, problems, solutions, and tricks of the trade.

The book is fun and informative whether you are new to the trade or have been making neon successfully for years. This is a book that anyone serious about learning the trade should not be without."

Kenny Greenberg -- Neon Scenic and Environmental Art KRYPTON NEON Long Island City, NY

"I saw a copy at the Atlantic City party. Great book!! I Placed my order on the website. www.lightwriters.com"

David Ablon -- TECNOLUX Brooklyn,NY

"I just got my copy, still warm from the press, last night via Priority mail. It is autographed by both Jacob Fishman and Morgan Crook, which I do appreciate; thank you, gentlemen. Everyone should go here: http://www.neonengineers.com/ and take a look at what looks to be an EXCELLENT treatment of the art and craft of Liquid Fire.

One question; the driver of the Neon Dragster on page 132 bears a nametag: "GEO". Which George is that? Or is any similarity to any person, living or dead, purely coincidental?

I look forward to reading the rest of the work in detail."

Terry J. Trainor, Product Engineer WESTRIM PRODUCTS

"The Neon Engineers Notebook is a treasure for anyone interested in learning more about neon sign making techniques.

...this book is a must have for experienced craftspeople. It makes you hungry for more..."

Marcus Thielen, Physicist & Neon Industry Consultant, Duisburg, Germany

"Jacob Fishman and Morgan Crook,have written a phenominal neon book, Kudos to you both...
...it is a very informative read woth good neon tech with a side of side glassblower wit and humor...""

Chris Freeman, Chris Freeman Design, New York

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